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In recent years, my country's filter industry has entered a period of product structure and function adjustment...
Product description

In recent years, China's filter industry has entered a period of product structure and function adjustment. The requirements of intelligent filter products are getting higher and higher, and the acceptance and concern of consumers for such products are also increasing. Technicians use their own Technical advantages and years of accumulated experience have injected intelligent genes into fully automatic integrated filter products.

The automatic integrated filter product adopts advanced Siemens PLC control technology, which can be fully intelligently controlled with only one touch, so that each solid-liquid separation can maximize its effectiveness. The equipment operation control system adopts Siemens PLC control technology, and uses the liquid level sensor, pressure sensor, filter cake thickness gauge, temperature sensor, flow sensor, and frequency converter to make the six sensors work together, and the filtration process is controlled by intelligent induction without manual operation. , The material liquid does not need to be in contact with people, so as to achieve the purpose of high rescue automation.

The automatic filter is different from the general solid-liquid separation method. The fully automatic integrated filter is flexible and reasonable in design. The product adopts intelligent and innovative structure filtration technology. The equipment is equipped with a filter area and a spray filter pressure drying area. In the filter machine, spraying works effectively.

1. Beating, cone material liquid circulation, water flow quickly dissolves the material, greatly improving the uniformity of the filtrate;

2. After the filtration equipment is filtered, there is a spray filter area to dry, no residue is left, and the functions of wet drainage and drainage are achieved;

3. After pressure drying and filtration, dry the bottom filtrate with air pressure (air, nitrogen, steam);

4. The concentration of the liquid residue in the thickener is very small, and it needs a certain concentration. The circulating concentrated material liquid flows up and down in a balanced manner, plus it is concentrated while filtering and back blowing, without leaving residue, and can be continuously concentrated;

5. In terms of washing, the washing effect is more obvious by spray washing and cyclic washing.


Working principle of automatic filter

1. Feeding:

Open the vent valve, and the pump will feed the liquid into the filter.

2. Formation of filter cake layer:

Circulate filtration to make the filter cake layer reach a certain thickness.

3. Filtration:

The filtrate becomes clear, and the next step is determined by the flow rate; liquid level; time; pressure.

4, drainage:

(1) Return the filter hydraulic pressure to the raw material tank. (2) The residual liquid is sent to the top of the filter for atomization and spraying, and the gas is taken away to dry the liquid. (3) Press dry from the bottom press dry area. (4) If the process requires the concentrated slurry to be discharged, the concentrated slurry shall be discharged after reaching a certain concentration.

5. Washing:

Add the clear liquid and spray to atomize the water away from the gas to make the filter cake washing more water-saving.

6. Dry:

The filter cake after washing is dried by adding appropriate gas to minimize the moisture of the filter cake. Generally, air, nitrogen or steam is used to take away the water in the filter cake.

7. Take off the cake:

The gas is blown back to expand the filter bag, and the filter cake quickly falls off.

8. Slag discharge:

Open the bottom slag discharge, open the auxiliary slag discharge valve, fill the air, and promote slag discharge.

9. Cleaning:

The filter cloth is repeatedly washed by the cleaning liquid to restore the filtering effect, and different cleaning liquids and cleaning methods are selected according to the chemical nature of the material.


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