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WK plum blossom filter

1. A filter tube is installed around the riser tube, and the filter material is sheathed on the outside of the filter tube.
Product description

1. A filter tube is installed around the riser tube. The filter tube is covered with a filter material, and the filter material is clamped at both ends with a snap ring.

2. The raw liquid that enters the filter machine flows into the filter tube through the gap after passing through the filter material, and then is sent to the filter tube for recovery by the ascending tube. The filter material is close to the filter tube in the shape of petals under the pump pressure. The filter cake can be evenly attached to the filter material. The company has made an in-depth study on the shape of the filter tube. In addition, due to the design of the riser tube, the filter cake will not fall off due to the drop in air pressure during discharge.

3. Material of filter element: 304, 316L, 904, 2205, steel PP, PTFE, PVDF, TA2.


After the liquid in the filter has been emptied, the filter cake has been washed and dried, each filter unit will be blown back by gas. When the filter medium expands, the filter cake cracks. When the medium expands to the maximum, the motion stops, the filter cake will be thrown away from the medium, and the filter cake with a thickness of 3-50 mm will be discharged.



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