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PL series filter-multi-bag type

Widely used in beer, vegetable oil, medicine, cosmetics, chemicals, petroleum products...
Product description

Scope of application

Widely used in beer, vegetable oil, medicine, cosmetics, chemicals, petroleum products, textile chemicals, photosensitive chemicals, electroplating solution, milk, mineral water, hot melt, latex, industrial water, sugar water, resin, ink, paint, coating , Industrial wastewater, fruit juice, edible oil, wax and other industries of precision filtration.



Main specifications and technical parameters

model Filter area
Import and export diameter
Maximum flow rate
(m³/h) (viscosity=1 centipoise)
Working pressure
Maximum working temperature
Nominal filtering accuracy
PL-0.25 0.25 DN50 10 0.4
working temperature is related to the use of filter bag materials
PL-0.5 0.5 DN50 20
PL-1.0 1 DN50 40
PL-1.5 1.5 DN65 60
PL-2.0 2 DN65 80
PL-3.0 3 DN100 120
PL-4.0 4 DN125 160
PL-5.0 5 DN125 200
PL-6.0 6 DN150 240
PL-8.0 8 DN150 320
PL-10 10 DN200 400
PL-12 12 DN200 480
PL-14 14 DN200 560
PL-16 16 DN200 640


PL series

1. Refer to German technology and standards;

2. Production of precision castings, high manufacturing accuracy, few welds, stable pressure resistance, and easy operation;

3. Unique top-mounted sealing structure design, easy maintenance and reliable sealing conditions;

4. The unique open shape structure of the top cover can make the fluid enter the filtration state more smoothly and quickly;

5. The top cover directly presses and seals the filter bag to ensure no leakage during the filtration process;

6. Fully polished filter basket, no impurities are deposited inside the filter itself and inside the connecting pipe, the filtration efficiency is high, and the operation space is also small;

7. The inner and outer surfaces of the barrel are sandblasted or matt or electroplated and polished, and antifouling treatment is very convenient for maintenance and cleaning;

8. The locking device can all use ordinary carbon steel galvanized parts.

9. The most excellent welding personnel are specially selected to carry out welding operations, and strive to meet the technical standards of the quality of each weld;

10. Other features


◆  Material: 304, 316L, PTFE spray


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