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WK filter cloth

Online cleaning can prolong the service life of the filter cloth, according to the demand programming, the filter cloth can be closed...
Product description


名称 型号 温度 压扁宽度
不锈钢 316L 650°C 140+/-2mm
聚四氟乙烯 PTFE 260°C 140+/-2mm
聚酰亚胺 P84 240°C 140+/-2mm
聚苯硫醚 PPS 190°C 140+/-2mm
聚酯涤纶 PE 130°C 140+/-2mm
聚丙烯 PP 90°C 140+/-2mm






Industrial filter cloth

name model temperature Flattening width
stainless steel 316L 650°C 140+/-2mm
Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE 260°C 140+/-2mm
Polyimide P84 240°C 140+/-2mm
Polyphenylene sulfide PPS 190°C 140+/-2mm
Polyester polyester ON 130°C 140+/-2mm
Polypropylene PP 90°C 140+/-2mm

Online cleaning filter cloth

On-line cleaning can prolong the service life of the filter cloth. According to the demand programming, the filter cloth can be automatically cleaned in the closed filter to remove the particles that may adhere.


Unique filtering features

The filter machine can efficiently recover the useful materials in the filtrate. The filter unit has no residual liquid design. The filter aid of the material uses warp-woven cloth or a membrane with a pore size of less than 0.1μm, which is tightly stuck at both ends of the filter unit to withstand Axial recoil pressure, this structure can withstand high recoil pressure, so you can use very fine filter cloth and membrane without worrying about clogging. Thereby providing a wide selection of filter media (there are hundreds of filter media to choose from). Meet various separation process requirements.

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