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Filtration systems and processes to combine the use of, for separating and concentrating the mother liquor, has an excellent effect ...
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The filtration system should be used in combination with the process. It has excellent effect on the concentration of the separated mother liquor. The filter does not require filter cake filtration. During the filtration process, a group of filters and a group of back blows. The liquid residue blown back in the filter quickly enters the bottom of the filter cone and is discharged at the bottom.

It can be in a group blowback mode, and other filter groups are in the filter operation. Feeding is stopped and stopped by backflushing, but it is not necessary to evacuate the liquid in the machine, and sink to the cone of the filter within a few seconds after backflushing, and then the filtration cycle returns to normal.

The thickener, which produces concentrated slurry, is different from the general thickener in that it can clarify the filtrate . A large number of suitable filter materials ensure the quality of the filtrate.

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