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Full plastic anticorrosive filter

The filter material, various metals. Lining coated metal mixtures, etc. have excellent corrosion resistance...
Product description

Corrosion resistance

The filter can be selected from various metal materials ( Q235, 304, 316L, 2205, 904, TA2 ), lined with anti-corrosion coatings (rubber, PTFE), so that the material liquid does not contact the metal at all, and it has strong corrosive liquid Excellent anti-corrosion performance, the material of the filter element will be selected from PP and PTFE according to the customer's use conditions. Customers who are unable to perform automatic filtration due to metal corrosion problems can now use it with peace of mind.


High temperature resistance, strong acid, strong alkali, ethyl acetate, toluene filtration

Filter lined with PTFE and polypropylene

Filter element, PTFE, PP, PVDF

Filter cloth PTFE, PPS, P84, PP, PE

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