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Automatic microporous residue-free filter WKB1 series

1. There is a requirement for the dryness of the filter residue, and it is designed to realize the filtration of no residue...
Product description

Product Brief

1. There is a requirement for the dryness of the filter residue, and it is designed to realize the filtration of no leftover material.

2. As long as the control button is lightly pressed, the slag discharge port can be automatically opened, and the slag can be automatically eliminated.

3. The filtrate and filter residue can be recovered together.

4. PTFE microporous filter tube, particles above 0.3 microns are filtered once.

5. PTFE temperature resistance 200°C

6. Quick press drying system, can use gas or steam to blow back regeneration filter tube.

7. Slag discharge method: Backflushing.

8. Filtration method: external filtration.

9. The closed filter has no leakage, safe production, no odor, and no environmental pollution.

10. Long-life use, greatly reducing operating costs.

11. The entire filtration process can be fully automated.



Filter material

Q235, 304, 316L, 2205, 904, TA2, can be lined with anti-corrosion plastic, rubber, PTFE.



Scope of application

In fine chemical, pharmaceutical and food production, there are batches of precision filters with strict requirements, activated carbon decolorization and decarbonization filtration, and microfiltration of catalysts and ultrafine crystals.


※WKB series technical parameter table
model WKB-2 WKB-3 WKB-5 WKB-8 WKB-10 WKB-20 WKB-30 WKB-40 WKB-60 WKB-80 WKB-100
Body material 304/316L/Q235 lined with PO, rubber, PTFE
Filter area (m²) 2 3 5 8 10 20 30 40 60 80 100
Processing capacity (T/h) According to the experimental data of specific materials
Working pressure (MPa) ≤0.25
Working temperature (°C) ≤80-110
Body diameter (mm) Ø300 Ø300 Ø550 Ø600 Ø800 Ø900 Ø1000mm Ø1400 Ø1600 Ø1800 Ø2000
Body height (mm) 1500 1650 2400 2600 3100 3100 3700 4100 4100 4600 5200
Body volume (m³) 0.057 0.071 0.297 0.367 0.754 0.954 1.178 2.31 3.5 4.0 4.8
Import and export diameter (mm) DN40 DN40 DN50 DN50 DN50 DN65 DN65 DN65 DN80 DN100 DN15 0
Slag discharge port (mm) Ø300 Ø300 Ø550 Ø550 Ø800 Ø800 Ø800 Ø800 Ø1600 Ø1800 Ø1800

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