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Automatic horizontal microporous filter WKH series

1. Horizontal filter, suitable for workshops with height restrictions...
Product description

Product Brief

1. Horizontal filter, suitable for workshops with height restrictions;

2. Filtration area: 1-100 square;

3. Filtration temperature: 80-200°C;

4. Filter material: PTFE microporous plate;

5. Filtration accuracy: 0.3-100 microns;

6. Filter pressure: 0.25Mpa;

7. Slag discharge method: back blowing;

8. Filtration method: external filtration;

9. Regeneration of filter material: air or steam back blowing, chemical regeneration can also be used;

10. Closed filtration, odorless, material liquid leakage, no environmental pollution, safe and environmentally friendly production;

11. Fully automated production can be achieved according to demand.


Filter material

Q235, 304, 316L, 2205, TA2, lined with anti-corrosion plastic, rubber, PTFE

Patent number: ZL 2017 2 0652729. 6

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